Special baggage

Sports Equipment

For transporting sports equipment or special baggage please apply for confirmation from the airline to make sure that your special baggage will be accepted on the flight. Please contact Estonian Air Call Centre at +372 6401 160 or your travel agency for applying the confirmation.
Special baggage is accepted only when confirmed by the airline.

Sports equipment will be measured by 3 categories depending on weight and size: Small, Medium and Large. All pieces not mentioned in the enclosed list will be charged depending on weight and size according to the matching category. Items which are explicitly mentioned in the table will always be charged according to that category, irrespective of their size and/or weight.

When your trip includes flights operated by other carriers, these charges apply in case the first carrier is Estonian Air.

Category Fee
Small (up to 15 kg and/or 140 cm) golf equipment, snow and waterski, snowboard, weapons and ammunition 25 EUR
Medium (16-32 kg and/or 141-200 cm): surfboard, kite, diving equipment 45 EUR
Large (32-50 kg and/or 201-250 cm): windsurf equipment 130 EUR
BIKE (bike, tandem) 50 EUR
PETC (pet in cabin): maximum dimensions of the container: 56x45x25cm and maximum gross weight 8kg. 50 EUR
AVIH (animal in cargo hold): maximum dimensions of the container: 110x76x73cm, maximum gross weight 50kg. 60 EUR
FRAG – Small fragile items, musical instruments taken as cabin baggage, which do not need an extra seat. Maximum weight 15 kg and maximum dimensions 100x35x25cm. Number of FRAG items on one flight is limited. 15 EUR
Wheelchair, crutches, baby stroller (till 2 years old baby) free of charge (FOC)

Golf equipment may include up to 14 golf clubs, 12 golf balls and a pair of golf shoes.

Bicycle transport. Only bicycle without an engine or a tandem are accepted.

Requirements for transportation:

  • there is a limit for bicycles transportation, service has to be requested and confirmed by an airline;
  • passenger is expected to inform an airline about bicycles measures and weight;
  • non-motorized bicycles are accepted only;
  • bicycles are transported in checked baggage only and always charged extra;
  • handlebars must be turned parallel with the axis of the bicycle;
  • pedals are removed or turned inwards towards the bicycle frame;
  • wheels removed and/or firmly fixed to the frame;
  • bicycle must be backed in special fortified bag or carton box.

Snow and water ski sets may include:

  • one pair of skis, sticks and boots;
  • one snowboard and one pair of boots;
  • one pair of standard water skis;
  • a slalom water ski.

Only one set of equipment may be packed in one bag.

Archery and fishing equipment may include two packed fishing rods, one reel, one bag net, one pair of fisherman’s boots and one box for fishing supplies.

Diving equipment

may include one set of regulator and octopus, one west, fins, snorkel and lamp (bulb and batteries must be separated).

Surfing and kite equipment may include:

  • one windsurfing board;
  • one surfboard;
  • one kite.


Cello may be transported in the cabin but it may not be larger than 135x35x40 cm, and may not weigh more than 75 kg. A separate ticket must be bought for cello.

Weapons and ammunition

Weapons and ammunition are accepted as checked baggage only. Ammunition must be packed separately from the weapons. Ammunition allowance per passenger is 5 kg. If you wish to transport weapons, please contact Estonian Air Call Centre +372 6401160 or your travel agency before your flight.

For more information regarding the documents and permits for transporting weapons please visit Estonian Tax and Customs Board web page.