Copenhagen is Scandinavia’s most visited city for a reason. Many reasons, actually. You’ll probably love Strøget, the big car-free zone, in the city centre  with its many cafes and shops (unless you’re a car buff, that is). Perfect for a nice stroll or a bike ride, just don’t jaywalk or cross on red.

Copenhagen effortlessly mixes historic with the very trendy and is a real sightseers’ treat. It’s also home to Noma, voted the World’s Best Restaurant in 2010 and 2011. The most famous landmark is probably the Little Mermaid, but because the locals are so laid-back and friendly, we’d much recommend to seek out living and breathing Copenhageners instead.

Copenhagen Kastrup Airport

Estonian Air flights depart from Terminal 3.

Ticket Office
SAS Ticket Office is located in Terminal 3. Ticket Office opens 2 hours before scheduled departure of Estonian Air flight.

Check-in at check-in counter closes 35 minutes before scheduled departure for Flex class passengers and 45 minutes before scheduled departure for Eco class passengers.

Business Lounge
Estonian Air Business class passengers and SAS EuroBonus Gold card holders are welcome at SAS Business Class Lounge located in the transit area close to pier C.